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Fighting for Your Case and Your Life

Unfortunately drug related crimes have touched almost every resident of Shasta County. Drug abuse has invaded our community – it appears in our schools, our neighborhoods, and even in our families – causing family conflict, increased property crimes, and even increased violent crime.


If drug abuse has caused you or a loved one to be facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer who is dedicated to both defending the case, and assisting you or your loved one in breaking the chains of addiction. Sometimes hitting bottom is the only way to get back on the right track.


​Joseph M Ahart will attack your drug related cases in three ways


  • ​Did law enforcement violate your Constitutional rights?

  • Can the District Attorney prove the accusations?

  • How can your life or your loved one's life be changed for the future?


Joseph M. Ahart has the experience, skill, and desire to help you and your family deal with any criminal charges, create a plan to deal with addiction, and change your future for the better. If you are looking for a lawyer that can defend you or a loved one, and cares about your case and your loved one, contact Mr. Ahart at 530 246 HELP (4357).

Redding Drug Attorney - Redding Drug Lawyer - Addiction Treatment Heroin Meth Opiates Marijuana

I fell into a vicious cycle of drug addiction after my mother passed away.  As a result, I was facing years in state prison.  Mr. Ahart helped me get back onto my feet and now I am clean and sober.

K. W., Redding, CA

Redding Drug Attorney - Redding Drug Lawyer - Addiction Treatment Heroin Meth Opiates Marijuana

My son's life was falling apart as a result of his drug addiction and he was facing serious drug charges.  Mr. Ahart stepped in and changed my son's life.  He's now clean, sober, and free of legal problems.


D. K., Redding, CA

I was facing many years in state prison for possession of drugs with intent to sell.  Mr. Ahart persuaded the judge to dismiss my case before it even reached trial.


D. D., Redding, CA


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